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  1. Motorbike Suzuki GS400 2cil.'78 perfect used street bike

    Motorbike,original as new, Suzuki GS400 2cil.'78 street bike in perfect conditions,reconditioned engine, Dutch license plate >>Ready to drive with new battery<< KM:30.143 € 2.350.00 Now less 15%
    € 1.997,50
  2. Motobike Yamaha XJ600 Diversion '92 up

    Motobike Yamaha XJ600S Diversion '92 up in super conditions Just compete inspection. ready to drive compl.with new battery Prize € 2250,00 >>> Now less 15%<<< Low km's 30.300
    € 1.900,00
  3. Motorbike Yamaha XV750C Virago '83 up as new

    Yamaha XV750C Virago in super condition

    >> Had a big maintenance turn<<

    with new battery

    In running condition prize € 2.495.00 Now less 15% With Dutch papers

    Year: 1983

    22.269 Mileage

    Dry weight 225 kg
    € 2.120,00
  4. Honda bike VF750C(V45)1983 in perf.cond.

    Honda VF750C "83up custom bike in super original condition just complete inspection Running conditions 28.950 ML.wight 236kg Colour maroon/red Prize € 2.490.00 Now 15% less New battery >>Dutch papers<<
    € 2.116,00
  5. Yamaha TZ125H road racing bike SOLD

    Complete Original Bike Frame nr: 3V3-000480 Everything complete Ready to race All original parts Price on request
    € 0,00
  6. Yamaha TA125 road racing bike

    Complete racing bike With all original parts Frame nr: 400-990479 Front fork Marzochi and front mudgard made for this front fork Very nice bike for restoration Price on request
    € 0,00
  7. Yamaha TZ350G road racing bike

    Super original bike TZ350G '79 All parts original except following marks: Frame nr: 383-997146 Exhaust pipes need a bit work (but original) Back side not original Needs a little bit work before race Project bike Price on request
    € 0,00
  8. Yamaha TZ250F

    Original racing bike Complete bike (engine etc) with original exhaust pipes Less Fairing Les fuel tank Less seat, (possible copy) Frame nr: 383-997140 Nice project to work on Price on request
    € 0,00
  9. Yamaha TZ250F complete road racing bike

    Original racing bike Watercooled Complete with new fairing Frame nr: 383-997273 With fueltank little dent With fueltank inlet + new cap Less exhaust pipes (possible copy as original later) Ready to race Price on request
    € 0,00
  10. Yamaha TZ250C road racing bike

    Original complete racing bike Complete with new fairing Less fuel tank Frame nr: 383-994203 Ready to race Price on request
    € 0,00
  11. Yamaha TZ250D road racing bike

    Perfect original racer Complete except bottom fairing All parts original except the temp. meter (imitation) Frame nr: 430-994234 Ready to ride Price on request
    € 0,00
  12. Yamaha TR2B road racing bike

    Yamaha racing bike type TR2B Original Bike Original Wheels Original engine/mudgards etc Chassis number 900530 With new fairing Engine O.K. with Carb's end original points ignition Less original fuel tank (We have copy in stock) Less original exhaust pipes (We have new copy perfect condition in stock) Price on request
    € 0,00
  13. Kawasaki GTR1000

    Nice original motorcycle color maroon / red no damage, perfect tires just need to have a delivery turn. (Total price with delivery in turn curb € 2,550.00) Dutch license plate
    € 2.190,00
  14. Honda FT400

    Fine motorcycle for beginning cyclists, suitable for 25kw (Total price with delivery in turn curb € 1,490.00) Dutch license plate
    € 1.150,00
  15. Motorbike Suzuki GR650X in perf.cond.'83 up

    Fine original motorcycle just need a delivery turn. (Total price with delivery turn curb, new batteries etc. €1.895.00 Now less 15% Dutch license plate
    € 1.610,75
  16. Suzuki GSX400X

    As new in original condition | magnificent collector's item in almost new condition | 4cil 400cc Super Sports motorcycle. Just needs a delivery turn (Total price with delivery in turn curb € 2,450.00) or takeout price 2150,00 euros. | Dutch license plate
    € 2.150,00
  17. Motorbike Suzuki GSX-R750W '92 up

    Fine motorcycle, very well maintained, something lower fairing damage left side. Total price with delivery in turn curb € 2,290.00 >>>Now 15% off<<< With new battery Dutch license plate
    € 1.946,00
  18. Motorbike Suzuki GV700 Madura '85 perfect

    Motrbike in super cond.Suzuki GV700 Madura '85 KM:61.795 4cil.V4 (Total price with delivery in turn curb € 2,650.00 euro >>> Now 15% off<<< With new battery Dutch license plate
    € 2.252,00
  19. Yamaha Siamoto 125cc 4T

    Just like new only 446 km driven. (Total price with delivery in turn curb € 1,199.00) Dutch license plate
    € 990,00
  20. Honda CB125S 1cil.in super condition

    Honda.CB125S Classic bike comlete inspection >>> collector's item<<<
    € 1.850,00
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Artikelen 1 tot 20 van 32 in totaal

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