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Motorcyle classics at Theo Louwes Motors

We supply a lot of motorcycle parts for Japanese models Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda.

Our parts are mostly new old stock, if it is an used part you will see it in the product description.

Honda motorcycles CB125, CB250, CB400, CB500, GL1000 and many more

Suzuki motorcycles GS400, GS450, GS500, GS550 GS750, RG250, RG500 and many more

Yamaha RD125, RD250, RD350, XS650, XJ600, XJ900 and many more 

Feel free to contact us if you need any pictures 

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12 artikel(en)

  1. 64111-17C00-28W Wheel rear Suz.GSX-R750

    Wheel,rear Suzuki GSX-750R '88 up used but perfect >White< >>Complete with bearings<<
    € 425,00
  2. Washers,lock plate disc's & rear sprockets

    Washers,lock plate front/rear discs & rear sprockets Honda/Yam./Suz./Kaw. etc.etc.>>racing/sport & road bikes<<. See size of the picture >>coming a set of 3 washers<<
    € 22,00
  3. Wheel rear 64111-27A00-291 Suz.GSX-R750 '85 up

    Wheel,rear Suzuki GSX-R750 '85'86 used but as new >>spare wheel from my superbike<< >>Complete with bearings<<
    € 449,00
  4. 64111-34C00 wheel rear used

    Wheel,rear Suzuki GSX-R750 '92 used but in perfect conditions. Very compleet with bearings/shaft/disc/42T sprocket/chain extractors and bracket caliper.
    € 449,00
  5. 42650-MK7-671 Rearwheel assy

    Rearwheel assy compl.with brakeplate and shaft in super condition. Honda VT700 '86 up custom bike. Rearwheel Nr:42650-MK7-671 Shaft Nr:42301-MK7-670
    € 399,00
  6. 64150-37350-291 Wheel rear Suz.GS450L'80 up new

    Wheel, rear size 2.15x16 Suzuki GS450L'80 up Original Suz.>>>NEW<<<
    € 349,00
  7. 64150-34830 Wheel rear 17x2.50 Suz.GS650G'80 up new

    Wheel, rear 17x2.50 Suzuki GS650G '80 up Original >>>NEW<<<
    € 399,00
  8. 64111-49300-10V Wheel rear Suz.GS550M(XZ)Z'80up

    Wheel, rear 2.15x18 Suzuki GS550M (XZ) Z '80 up Original Suz.>>>NEW<<<
    € 399,00
  9. 42036-021 Sleeve rear hub Kawasaki KZ400 new

    Sleeve rear hub Kawasaki KZ400 new
    € 49,00
  10. 4HC-W253E-00 Remschoentjes Yamaha scooter 250cc

    Remschoentjes voor het achterwiel Yamaha Majesty scooter 250cc >>new<<
    € 44,00
  11. 40543-425-000 Adjuster drive chain Honda KZ750/CB650 '79 up

    Adjuster drive chain Honda KZ750 / CB650 '79 up >>>used but as new<<<
    € 36,00
  12. 92088-005 lock washer Kaw. A1

    Rear sprocket, lock washer for the Kawasaki A1 models from 1966 until 1970
    € 5,00
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12 artikel(en)